Mobile Marketing – Statistics and Strategies you can use in your Local Business

Mobile Marketing – Statistics and

Strategies you can use in your

Local Business


With the number of users of smartphones rising each year and the advancement of 3G and 4G, soon to be 5G networks,

mobile marketing is a prime focus for digital marketers.



A recent study conducted by IAB released in 2018, showed that 71% of internet surfing is done via mobile devices, such

as smartphone, tablets and any hand held device. The rest of the traffic, 29%, was spent on desktops, such as PC’s and




The reason for this is that the capabilities of mobile device have increased dramatically over the past decade. No

longer can the basic cell phone only make a cellular phone call or send e-mail. Ne ne.



Today’s mobile phones are more powerful than some mainframe computers a few short decades ago. In fact, my

current phone is more powerful than my first and second computer.



Knowing some of the statistics of mobile marketing and mobile usage, you will be empowered to comprise intelligent

strategies you can use in you local business to gain more customers and retain existing ones. This article, will explain

the concept, explain statistics and explore strategies to encourage you to adopt a mobile marketing strategy for your




Furthermore, some strategies examples will be shown to you that you can implement in your business right away.

Please read on to learn everything you need to know about mobile marketing for business.



What is Mobile Marketing?


Simply put, mobile marketing is the activity of promoting goods and services on mobile devices such as smartphones,

tablets and any other hand held devices. Mobile marketing also known as M-Marketing is an industry in its own right.

Its not just one technique, its a multitude of various digital marketing channels all under the M-Marketing umbrella.


M-Marketing is not new. As soon as cell phones became smart, smart digital marketers fled to the platform. The point

here is that mobile usage has grown so large that its obvious that in today’s business landscape, businesses NEED

mobile marketing. Grapevine.Club is the ultimate suite of M-Marketing tools to make today’s business relevant in their

niche. Businesses need to adapt and utilize mobile marketing in their marketing strategy or they will die off.


The end goal of mobile marketing is to essentially grease the wheels of commerce. Its just like a commercial on TV.

To peek arousal of a product and service, and to keep top of mind. For example, McDonald’s sell millions of burgers

and still spends millions of dollars on advertising. Why? To consistently be top of mind when consumers are thinking

about a place to go eat. Mobile marketing can work in the same manner, but its actually more engaging and can have

a direct call to action such as make a purchase, tap to learn more, tap to call , get directions or share with friends.



ABComm conducted a study in 2016 and revealed that in 2015, 32% of traffic to online stores were made via mobile

devices. The usage increased from 2014, which had 21%. In 2018 it is highly expected to surpass 50%. In the upcoming

months, it has highly anticipated what their research will show.


Lets talk Statistics


The numbers don’t lie. In the past 6 years, there has been a decrease of 7% in sales volume via desktop. Conversely,

the volume of sales via mobile device grew by 10%. Growth in physical stores was only 2% within the same period.

In 2018 The Global Consumer Insights released a survey by PWC and are supported by research that compares with

the growth of usage with smartphones.


This one single graph shows the dramatic increase in mobile device usage by the public between 2010 and 2012.

Companies have taken notice of this trend and companies with this data have shifted their digital strategies.

Furthermore, in 2015, it was announced by Google that it would prioritize positions on their organic search results for

sites that were mobile friendly. In 2017, it became mandatory that websites were required to have a good mobile

experience or else those with bad experiences were moved to lower positions.


Therefore, even Google themselves were pushing for mobile experiences to increase in quality eventually pursuing their

own strategies for M-marketing.


In today’s business landscape, you need a mobile website. Part of Grapevine.Club’s offering is the designing and

development of mobile websites for local businesses. If you don’t have a website that looks good on a mobile device,

you need to contact Grapevine.Club. (sales@Grapevine.Club)


More Statistics


1. In the past 2 years, Mobile searches with the term “Black Friday” have increased by 80% [Think With Google]

2. Mobile transactions now account for 40% of all transactions done online. [Think With Google]

3. In 2015, 72 million people used smartphones [Nielsen]

In Brazil, 73% of smartphone owners do not leave home without their device. Over the past decade, smartphone sales

have shown that today’s consumer is extremely dynamic and eager to test new technologies. With this data, the

importance of M-Marketing is ever more important than ever.


The Mobile First Strategy


In 2009 a gentlemen by the name of Luke Wroblewski developed a concept called Mobile First. This theory gives priority

to the development of the mobile platform when executing a business plan. Essentially, it means that if you are

developing a product or service, think mobile first.


As previously stated, in 2015, Google started to prioritize sites that had a mobile version of their site, however, the

ranking was still effected by the desktop version as well as part of their algorithm.


However, in 2017, Google’s new algorithm changed Google’s SERP where sites would rank better based on the

optimization of the mobile version, completely disregarding the desktop version.


This shift by Google, clearly demonstrates the importance of this strategy. Mobile First should be taken very seriously

by business folks and marketers when planning a website design. If you still haven’t optimized your website for mobile,

you need to contact https://Grapevine.Club and talk to a sales rep who can assist.


Your Business Mobile Marketing Strategy


Knowing that your customer is connected to their mobile device for most of the day and that they make purchases

based on their preferred brand, what is your company positioned to take advantage of mobile marketing?


To assist in your strategy, below are some ideas that you can implement right away.


Mobile SEO


Everyday, its gets harder and harder to place on the first page of Google Search. The Mobile SEO Strategy focuses on

websites owners to deliver a more positive experience on mobile devices in order to place in higher rankings. This is

very important because as mentioned above Goolge modified its Search algorithm to position sites according to the

mobile version as opposed the desktop version.


Perhaps the change occurred because in 2018, according to Backlinko Portal, 58% of all searched performed on Google

were done via mobile devices.


This statistic shows the importance of having a mobile friendly website as well as having a mobile SEO strategy in



Strategy: Near Me


One of the tricks used for Mobile SEO is the use of “Close to Me” or “Near Me”. Using the text “close to me” or “near me”

can generate positive results in ranking. For example:

– Restaurant Near Me

– Spa Close To Me

– Gym Near Me

– Automotive Shop Close To Me

Data shows that searches for nearby locations using the term “Near Me” as growth immensely.


Strategy: Zero Position


Zero position means the first position on Google’s organic search results. (Programmers like to call the first element

zero). The zeroth position is the featured organic result before the first organic result and after all the paid ad positions.

This zeroth position has a great advantage since it has a great visual position, it also contains an excerpt from the text,

image, title and page link. The objective of this strategy is to land in the zeroth position for the keywords related to your



Although the strategy sounds simple its not as simple to implement.

Some tips to achieving the zeroth position:

– Create lists within your content

– Use heading tags appropriately

– Optimize images

– Use rich snippets




Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, you have learned some how to plan a M-Marketing strategy in your business.

If you still have any questions please contact https://Grapevine.Club



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