how to set up a drip campaign

How to set up a Drip Campaign with Grape Vine Club

Welcome to this post where we will outline how to set up a drip campaign within the Grape Vine Send module.  In a previous post we showed you "How To Create a Thank You Email" using Grape Vine.  If you haven't read that, please check out this article How to create a simple welcome email.

First of all, What is a drip campaign?

A "drip campaign" is a series of emails that are sent to users that are based on an an event.  Now, it must be said that the emails are not all sent all at the same time.  The emails that get sent are sent over a period of time.

For example, if a new user signs up to your list.  You may send them a "Thank You" email, and then the next day, you may send them another email based on your product or service.  Then the next day or week or whatever, you might send them another email, and so on.  We call this a drip campaign, where "information" or "emails" are dripped slowly over a period of time.

The drip campaign can be automatically started based on an event.  The event would be when a new user signs up to your list or perhaps your user purchased something from your site.


How To Set Up Auto-responders In Grape Vine Club

Within the Grape Vine Club interface, drip campaigns are created via auto-responders.

First log into Grape Vine.  Then click on "All Lists" , then click on the list you wish to set up the drip campaign.  On the top right corner, there is a horizontal menu.  Click on "Autoresponders".

Once on the "Autoresponders" page you will be able to configure timed emails.

Go ahead and give your "Autoresponder" a name.  You'll notice that "Drip Campaign" is already selected. Click "Save and Next".  On the next page, you will notice you can set when the email should be sent.  Select your time interval , then go ahead and build the email like you would normally.

From here, you will be able to configure as many emails as you wish within your drop campaign.  It is recommended to space out your emails accordingly.

Good luck with your Drip Campaign!



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