Grapevine Club – A Modern Franchise

You might think that the franchises at the top of the lists like  Entrepreneur’s 500 have a sense of achievement.

Each franchise has had to manage major shifts that center around the ever changing journey of the customer.

Statistics show that 90% of today’s customer do their research online before they enter into brick and mortar stores.

Today’s customers are always connected to the internet via their smart phone and/or laptop.

While opportunities are virtually endless in today’s markets, today’s customers present a unique challenge for

franchises. Winning means meeting new shopping habits head-on and re-establishing clear guidelines for a franchise

to succeed today.

This is where Grapevine Club comes in. While daily deals sites have been around for a decade or so, Grapevine Club has

created a process for an entrepreneur to take advantage of today’s customer and while building up local businesses.

A Grapevine Club franchisee is an active member in their community and this is where sites like Groupon and even ad

sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fall short. A Grapevine Club franchisee ensures their customers are

being serviced the way their customers need to be serviced. Each local business is unique in its own way and Grapevine

Club thrives to showcase this.

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