3 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing is Important for Local Businesses

Mobile marketing is the activity of promoting products and services via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Mobile marketing can be achieved via different channels such as SMS marketing, app based mobile marketing, in – game

mobile marketing, location based mobile marketing and mobile ads. Mobile marketing has been around for a while but has really

picked up in annually spending. It is projected that 75% of marketing budgets will be spent on mobile advertising in 2020.

This article will outline the top three reasons why mobile marketing in important for brands.

1. Almost half of all web traffic in North America is from hand held devices.

Mobile devices are replacing the PC and Mac in almost every way for the average user. Even games are now being directed at mobile

devices with the advent of Google Stadia. Its Google’s new mobile device gaming platform. Google, who have the data on the latest search

trends knows that everything is moving towards mobile devices. The days of phones only used for making a call are way over.

Today’s mobile device users carry their computers in their pockets all day everyday. A recent study showed that on average, North

Americans spend approximately 10 hours a day interacting with their mobile device.

Mobile devices are part of our way of life it seems and the consistent and growing use of these devices make it a prime platform for

marketing techniques. Searches, E-Commerce and general web traffic accounted for 55% of all internet traffic according to research from

Statista in 2018.

2. Mobile Marketing is Trusted

Even though the desktop computer has been around much longer than mobile devices, ads on desktop computers are something that

users have gotten used to. There have been numerous attempts at grabbing the users attention on desktop. These techniques have faded

in their effectiveness. Enter mobile marketing, where customers are almost attached to their devices so rather than disrupting their

experience, ads can compliment the experience as ads are baked into apps they use. SMS Marketing is also a more effective technique

than email marketing since it has a much higher open/read rate and is read within 3 minutes according to research.

3. You Have the Audience’s Attention

For marketers, this is the most desired attribute of their campaigns, attention. What more could you ask for as a marketer or as a local

business trying to get your message out to the masses? We are immune to advertising these days. Its everywhere. TV, newspapers,

E-mail, websites, billboards and on and on. We tend to tune them all out. However, within the first 3 minutes of a receiving a text message,

over 80% of users will read it. Yes, 80%!!! This is today’s best technique for grabbing a users attention. Grapevine Club offers a feature

rich and easy to use interface for SMS Marketers. If you have a local business, you should be using

Grapevine Club’s SMS Marketing service.

Its Time to Focus on Mobile Marketing

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